Wedding invitation suite for my own wedding! The invites were designed in a classic and contemporary style, in keeping with my husband and my tastes. We paid homage to our background and culture of Rajasthan (Northwest India), by incorporating elements of that region in the design. The rich colours are quintessential Rajputana and also indicate the ceremony on that day, for example the colour for the Mehendi ceremony is olive, which is the colour of henna (aka mehendi). Geometric and filigree motifs used throughout the design are inspired by the fretwork windows and carvings in Rajasthani palaces. 

Traditional north Indian wedding ceremonies span 3-4 days. The wedding suite, both print and digital, consist of modular mini-invites to each ceremony. Different types of guests receive different combinations of mini-invites. The printed invitations were screen printed and foil stamped in gold. 
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