Identity update and brand system for Persistent Systems, 
a Pune-based global software development company
Design Studio Elephant Design
Designer Sanyukta Kothari
To celebrate 20 years of growth, Persistent Systems partnered with Elephant Design for a logo update initiative. The goal was to develop an identity and branding system that reflected the company's modern tech, global expansion and commitment to social responsibility, while retaining a strong connection to their legacy logo - the Persistent team was deeply attached to their infinity P symbol.  

Assessment of the old logo revealed the positives and the problems:
1) the P symbol was iconic but felt abrupt, static and tacked on 
2) the texture on the sphere did not reduce well for print/web
3) the shadow seems cut off
4) the logotype felt overly condensed, had small counter spaces (particularly in with the N) which were problematic at smaller sizes. It also feels dated.
After several rounds of exploratory design options, this was the final selected logo. To maintain familiarity to the old logo, I retained the P symbol and the sphere, but reworked them to represent the tech and global appeal through a fluid, organic P that wraps around a dynamic globe. It can be reduced to the size of a favicon, while still retaining a lot of detail.

The orange, uppercase font felt too dated and unbalanced. Instead, we chose a completely different route for the logotype, with a lowercase font that feels current. The loose spacing and open counters allow for reduction and web use. 

In addition to the logo, I designed several branding assets and a brand system and guidelines for application of the logo detailing fonts, color palette, single-color logo, logo lockups, etc. 
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